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Finally there is a place for the sports fanatic and those that are simply looking for the latest sports news. If you love sports, then you are going to love SportzHype. SportzHype is a website that is dedicated to allowing fans of any sport to share pictures, videos and articles. Users can also start a discussion on any sports topic allowing other users to comment and share their own opinions. Each post that a user submits can also be “liked” and added to their own list of favorite sports news items. The whole site is driven off different levels of … Continued

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Want to get to your destination in a comfortable car with its own driver? Just request a ride anytime using your iPhone or through their Android application. now has an easy application made available for you to download. Uber is your on-demand driver anytime and now almost anywhere. Calling for a car service is as easy as one, two three. Once you have the app on your smart phone, you can set your pickup location on the map. On, type your address. In the US and Canada, text an address and city to UBR-CAB (827-222). Uber will then … Continued

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Taulia is an SAP certified Saas platform for e-invoicing and dynamic discounting. It provides business solutions platform to fortune 1000 companies through the Taulia Dynamic Payment Platform includes a Dynamic Discounting module and self-service vendor portal. These tools help companies save money and expenses by reducing Accounts Payable support overhead. The company has over 30 years of experience of providing business solutions to over 200 clients. Taulia has recently released its Application Program Interface (API) which is designed to allow partners and new customers the ability to integrate Taulia’s solution into their platform and provide custom dynamic discounting, e-invoicing and … Continued

rally screen is an online platform for creating a cause, raising money and awareness and also connect with supporters and people who can help you with your cause. It is created by the team who created Piryx, also another fundraising platform. They have investors from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Paypal. It was launched in June 2011 and continuous to expand since its conception. can be used by a variety of users, t can be used for charities, church activities, funding for sports or school teams and charities and other special causes. It is easy to use and anyone will be … Continued

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An open arena for scientists making data a spectator sport, that’s what the headline would say to amply describe Kaggle. Since it conception in 2011 by Anthony Goldbloom, it has moved from Melbourne, Australia it now holds its office in SanFrancisco. It has expanded rapidly and following its 11 million funding from a number of investors like Khosla Ventures and Index Ventures. How does Kaggle work? Kaggle is a platform for predictive modeling competitions. Different companies, governments and researchers present datasets and problems, scientists from all over compete to provide the best solutions. At the end of the competition the … Continued

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Duckduckgo is a straight forward search engine; it is compared to Google when it first came out. A stripped down search engine that does not save any your ip address, does not log user information and uses cookies only when necessary. Basically it’s a search engine that does not save your information to tie you to the searches that you’ve made. The results are all relevant and are free of spam. It is fast becoming one of the best alternatives for Google to date. Duckduckgo is from brainchild, Gabriel Weinberg. It was initially self-funded but now survives on occasional advertising … Continued

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Branchout is social networking utility that lets you find jobs, connect with others professionally and even help you employ people. It is a Facebook Application that lets you connect with others professionally, be it with other people with the same job as you have or with employers and business owners. It is not a standalone application like LinkedIn; you need to have a Facebook Account to be able to use the application. There have been a lot of mixed reactions for the Branchout Application, since it is an application on Facebook; people think that it is more of a social … Continued

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There are a lot of aggregator for music, science, general information and others but we have never seen a website that will help you find the art that you are looking for. Will gong live on the internet; we now have a website that will help us find art. Making art available to everyone, that is what is mainly all about. If you are an art collector or looking to start a collection of your very own. will help you connect with artists, galleries, collector, foundations and museums. Its aim is to make art accessible to everyone … Continued

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Flashsoft is a start up company that was founded in 2009, with only $500,000 seed funding. This year they saw their first product shipping in the first quarter of 2011 and officially launches in June of the same year. Although launched in stealth last 2009, the company has managed to get a lot of customers and received new funding amounting to 4million from Thomvest Ventures. Flashsoft claims that its software can boost server performance by 3 to 5 times by sending “hot” data to solid state flash drivers and “cold” data to disk drives. With extensive testing the product did … Continued

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Impermium, dedicated to eradicating the “bad guys” from the internet, it sounds like a superhero slogan but that is what exactly the company does. It provides social content cleaning for web sites and social networks, defending them against social spam, fake registrations, racist and inappropriate language, and other forms of abuse. The company also recently announced the launch of Impermium Intelligent Content Protection (ICP), which helps brands actively  manage malicious social website content. As there are a growing number of social network and user made content, there are also a growing number of hackers and cyber criminal that spread out … Continued